"Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina..." These lyrics were never truer ... because living in Charlotte gets better every day. In less than twenty years the Queen City has grown from a pretty ordinary Southern city to a metropolitan on everyone´s "short list" of places to live.

Besides being beautiful, vibrant and friendly, Charlotte is ideally located 85 miles from the Smoky Mountains and 180 miles from the Atlantic Ocean. But more importantly, Charlotte provides for a wide range of interests and needs...in such areas as arts, shopping, museums, sports, entertainment, attractions, education, healthcare and climate. 

From a business standpoint, there is a little something for everyone in Charlotte. Charlotte is the second leading city in the financial sector behind San Fransisco.  Bank towers dominate our skyline with no stop in sight.  A city's economic health is often deetermined by the companies located there.  From that stand;point, Charlotte is healthy -- we are home to six Fortune 500 companies and fourtenn Fortune 1000 companies.  

Charlotte has over 3,000 advanced manufactuinrg companies and manufacturing empl;oyment has doubled since 2013.  Another fast growing sector in the area is the automotive industry.  Charlotte is now home to 90% of all NASCAR teams.

Charlotte's economic environment is diverse and has a broad appeal to people relocating to the area.

We realize schools are often an important factor when choosing a home or community.  Many of David's clients have done school research before even contacting her.  As a dad of children who graduated from the local school syestem, David knows the local schools and districts.  Since no two parents seek the same criteria for choosing the school for their family or children, below are links to information to ghather data you find important.  Another popular site for parents is GreatSchools.org.

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