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Charlotte Neighborhoods | Guide to Best Neighborhoods

Living in Charlotte means living in a Charlotte neighborhood. Not only do we live in neighborhoods, we work, shop and play in many of Charlotte’s 199 designated neighborhoods – each with its distinctive characteristics. To learn Charlotte best - you need to take small bites from the city’s mosaic of neighborhoods and surrounding towns.

You may never need to know Shuffeltown, Berry Hill or Hickory Grove; but living in Charlotte most residents need to know SouthPark, The Arboretum, University City, Blakeney and many more. And as you begin to learn the most prominent of Charlotte neighborhoods - you begin to understand Charlotte.

New Charlotte neighborhoods sprout and old ones change...

If you are counting, the actual number neighborhoods began to mushroom in the early 1990's. That would include new stand-outs such as Ballantyne, Blakeney, Baxter, Uptown Charlotte, South End and Birchdale, plus large areas in and around Lake Norman, Lake Wylie, Fort Mill and Union County in particular.

Many of these new neighborhoods and some of the old “classics” are my specialty!  Let me tell you about their homes. (See the "Charlotte Homes" column to your right.)

Best Charlotte Neighborhood

Buyers relocating to Charlotte frequently seek the “best Charlotte neighborhood”.  But there’s not much agreement on that! It’s seems to vary from buyer to buyer. The best or top neighborhoods are in the eyes of the beholder  based upon personal criteria and budget. Unfortunately people seeking to learn about Charlotte neighborhoods get lots of poor and misleading information on popular Charlotte relocation forums.

Myers Park Neighborhood

One thing is for sure! Charlotte has a ton of great neighborhoods – both new and old. And the older neighborhoods were not overlooked during the phenomenal growth over the past two decades. They were vastly changed for the better with a lot of infill development and home improvements… renovations, additions and remodeling, plus tear-downs and replacement. (Not everyone agrees that the changes were improvements.)

The great changes took place in some of the city’s oldest and most classic neighborhoods such as Myers Park, Dilworth, Elizabeth, Plaza-Midwood and Cotswold. An old section of North Davidson Street even re-invented itself into NoDa or The Arts Districts. Its old mills, warehouses & other buildings have been transformed into galleries, shops and restaurants which in turn spawned a lot of residential work - both new and rehab.

Let me help you find the best Charlotte neighborhood for you. I know them all! 

Contact me at 704-968-0547 today or email me directly.

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