Ballantyne Real Estate

Ballantyne real estateCharlotte just experienced it's largest real estate sale in our history -- Ballantyne Corporate Park was just sold New York based Northwood Investors for a approximately $1.2 billion.  The 535 acre park was built in the early 1990's by Charlotte developer Smokey Bissell.  Bissell was responsible for the development and building of much of what today is SouthPark and had the vision for Ballantyne long before the was 485. Thanks to his vision, the Ballantyne area remains one of Charlotte's most sought after real estate areas with townhomes as low as the $200,000s [click here for condos for sale in Ballantyne -- zip code 28277] to luxury homes over $1 million [click here for luxury homes for sale in Ballantyne -- zip code 28277].  The plan centered around Ballantyne Country Club and Golf Course.  Today the Ballantyne area has some of South Charlotte's highest ranking schools, bustling retail and upscale restaurants.  It is no wonder the Ballantyne Corporate park was attractive to Northwood. 

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