Capgemini: Moving an Office to Charlotte NC

A big Charlotte welcome to Capgemini! Coming all the way from Paris….France, that is! 

And a hearty welcome to the new 550 employees who will be joining the company here over the next three years. 

Some of these new hires may also be moving to Charlotte; but it’s likely that many of them already reside here. Capgemini was attracted by the area’s existing talent pool, particularly those from the financial services field. 

Charlotte is considered a great fit for Capgemini because the new office will be part of their financial service unit – serving banking, insurance and capital markets clients. And, as everyone knows, Charlotte is the second largest financial center in the U.S. – with a much lower cost of living than No. 1.

Roy Stansbury, managing director of Capgemini Financial Services North America, noted that the new office will allow the company to better serve its clients and expand its U.S. footprint. Stansbury hopes to hire 150 employees by the end of the year and the rest within three years. The initial Charlotte jobs will be IT oriented, paying an average of $62,396 annually. 

The jobs announcement was the largest in almost a year when Siemens Energy, Inc. announced the creation of 825 jobs by moving to Charlotte its gas turbine manufacturing operations.

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