Charlotte's Spring Real Estate Market

Charlotte's Spring Real Estate Market


While it's only February in the Queen City, Charlotte's spring market is hotter than ever.  Record low inventory and buyer's that are ready to buy make this a very competitive market for buyers.  The foreclosure crisis that once impacted our market is over and rising real estate prices have made entry level priced homes hard to find.  Our builders are building again, but they lost many skilled laborers during the recession and the high costs of land and rising building prices have made new construction prices higher than ever. Cautious not to repeat mistakes of the pre-recession market, builders are building less inventory these days.  The low inventory and high demand coupled with fear of an increase in mortgage rates have made this a hot market for sellers and competitive for buyers.

So what does that mean if you are a buyer?  You need an agent who is experienced in multiple offers and selling in a competitive market.  You need guidance from someone who knows how to position you as a serious and qualified buyer and how to guide you during the transaction as getting the house is just the first step.  If you are looking to buy in this seller's market or relocating to the area, lets talk real estate.  Message me and we can set up a time to talk.  [email protected]

And if you are a seller?  Maybe it sounds like you should sell for sale by owner?  Then we we definitely need to talk!  Homes that are in excellent condition (picky buyers!) and are priced right are moving.  Those in need of updating and repair or that are over priced are sitting.  North Carolina's contracts are buyer friendly and as a seller getting an offer is just the first step.  While you need an agent to guide you before setting the price or accepting the offer,  you definitely need an experienced agent to close the deal.  If you are thinking about selling your home, message me at [email protected] or call me at 704-968-0547.  

Missy Banks is a full time Realtor with Allen Tate real estate.  She specializes in homes for sale in South Charlotte and Union County.  She works with buyers and sellers and can help you as a listing agent or buyer's agent.  Contact Missy at 704-968-0547.

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