COVID 19 - Clean and Disinfect your home

We know you love your home and want to keep it virus free!  We have complied some helpful information and tips from the CDC in efforts to keep the coronarvirus from living in your home.

Experts recommend to keep cleaning and disinfecting your home even if you are not leaving the home often.  The CDC recommends that you clean and disinfect.  Some of the CDC guidelines  below:

- Wear gloves when you clean

- Clean items with soap and water or a detergent first.  In particular, clean "high touch" areas often -- door knobs, light switches, phones, keyboards, faucets, sinks, etc.

- After you clean, disinfect the surfaces.  The CDC recommends EPA registered cleaners found here.

- If you do not have these items, you can make your own cleaning solutions using diluted bleach or an alcohol based wipes or solution with at least 70% alcohol

-Don’t forget to clean soft items like rugs and floors

-Launder clothes

-The CDC recommends cleaning electronics by following manufacturer recommendations and using alcohol based cleaners (as water can hurt electronics)

In addition to keeping the inside of your house clean, it is important not to bring the COVI 19 virus in your home with packages, food, etc.  If you are like us, we have developed some new routines before brining items into the house.  First of all, we clean and disinfect everything that comes inside!   If we order packages (that you Amazon!), we leave the boxes outside for up to 2 days then we disinfect the boxes and open them outside.  All items get wiped down and sprayed before we use them or put them away.  We follow the same procedures for groceries.  Everything package gets wiped down and disinfected before put in the pantry, refrigerator or freezer (did you know the coronavirus can survive the freezer?!).  And in between, we wash our hands.

Because the coronavirus droplets are so spreadable and researchers are still testing, we have adopted practices just to be safe. One routine we have adopted is having shoes outside our front door that are the shoes we wear “out” to places like the grocery store.  Similarly, clothes go straight into the laundry when we’ve been outside or at work.

Keep washing your hands, cleaning your homes and make sure anything you bring inside is cleaned and disinfected.  During this trying time, our homes are even more of a refuge and it is important to follow the necessary steps to keep them safe for our families.  If you need CDC guidelines or resources feel free to reach out and we can provide you with information.

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