It's not too late to aerate your lawn

It's not too late to aerate your lawn.

My oldest son and his wife are new homeowners.  They have a nice well established rear lawn and a brown patch in front.  The brown patch is due to a large oak tree that drinks all the water that the irrigation system provides.  It happens every June / July when the trees need all the water they can get.  That doesn't mean though that they can't have some green grass in for 8-10 months each year.  However, if they want to have it then it needs to be over seeded NOW.

Most of the grass used in the Charlotte area is Fescue.  It's more of a fall / winter / spring grass which can easily die out in the summer is not doused with water.  Core aeration pulls a "plug" from the soil and make a great spot for a seed to fall, water to collected and a shot to coming out within 7-10 days. Aeration also provide a pathway for oxygen to get into the soil and contribute to it's health. 

Don't forget to fertilize!  There are many varieties of fertilizer out there.  Consult with a lawn and garden pro to get the correct one based on whether you have a new lawn or one that is established.  You may want to go to a specialist for a soil sample to determine if other nutrients might be needed. 

Best wishes on a green lawn.  

Author David Huss is a top Realtor in Charlotte NC.  To learn more about Charlotte Real Estate contact David Huss.  If you need resources for lawn care, feel free to touch base with David as well.  

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