Don't forget Mom during the Coronavirus Quarantine!

Take a break from home schooling and house work to celebrate Mothers Day!  Just becasue the restaurants are closed doesn't mean you have to cook.  Many Charlotte establishments (including some of our favs) are offering pick up for Mom this year.  Some that we really love are:

1) Sante in downtown Matthews is offering of choice of roasted ham, chicken or glazed salmon as an entree choice followed by an assortments of mouth watering sides.  Chef Adam is working hard to this year and hopes to treat many Mothers this weekend!

2) Reids Southpark and on Selwyn.  What Mother doesn't love their Ladyfinger Ham rolls?  They are offeing a wide variety of pick up items including entrees, sides and baked goods.

3) Rare Roots is offering package meals serving 2 or 4.  Southern inspried dishes include lobster and crab quiches and you can even have a glass of bubbly with your meal!

4) Cafe Monte started their curbside service just in time for Mother's Day.  See their on-line menu.

5) South Park's Firebirds is offering take and bake meals with menus that include some of their menu stand outs like the BLT salad.

6) What Mother's Day would be complete without a sweet indulgence?  Ameilies French Bakery is oferring Mother's Day treats for the chocolate lover, berry lover and (our favorite) the macaronn lover!

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