Musicians and Music Lovers: Relocate to The Charlotte NC Music Scene

Musicians and Music Lovers: Relocate to The Charlotte NC Music Scene

If you're a musician or an avid music lover looking for a thriving music scene to relocate to, you have to check out the Charlotte NC music scene. Residents and visitors already consider Charlotte an excellent place to enjoy and play music, and things are about to get much, much better.

There is a ton of places to play and listen to live music in Charlotte. More than a dozen music venues, and several parks and a dizzying number of bars and restaurants catering to live music spread auditory enrichment all around the city and its surrounding neighborhoods. And the music calendar boasts multiple opportunities to enjoy music pretty much every day. Check out the events, including festivals, at the Charlotte Culture Guide.

You aren't limited when it comes to music genres either. That daily music selection spans just about anything you could want to hear or play.

Music Everywhere Charlotte lists the following exciting array:

·       Alternative

·       Indie

·       Americana

·       Folk

·       Classical

·       Country

·       Dance/Electronic

·       Funk

·       Hip Hop

·       Jazz

·       Metal

·       Motown

·       Pop

·       R&B / Soul

·       Rock

·       Blues

What a great way to speak to everyone, give a voice to all kinds of artists, and maybe discover new music tastes! Nurture your artistic achievement and expand your enjoyment of the arts in Charlotte, NC.

Music Stores
There are also several music stores where you can purchase musical instruments and equipment. You can't beat choice. Charlotte also boasts many record stores.

Recording Studios
Let's just say, there are so many recording studios in Charlotte, NC that made a list of the 10 best.

Plans for the Future
The Charlotte Music Ecosystem Study and Action Plan has detailed a strategy to take this already amazing music hub and make it "a well-known destination for music."

They're going to commit to massive improvements to current music venues and make it easier for budding and struggling artists to succeed. It's a powerful plan intended to nurture the local music scene, and it's the only plan of its kind in North Carolina.

 So, if you move here now, you'll be ready to ride the wave of musical enrichment that is set to come.

Speak to a real estate agent to find a home that helps you make the most of the Charlotte music scene and maybe even a home with the perfect space to create music. Missy Banks at has lived in South Charlotte all her life and knows how to put you in the perfect home in this area. It requires the home itself, the neighborhood, and proximity to all a city has to offer to make a perfect fit, and South Charlotte has some great bikeable, walkable neighborhoods for art lovers to enjoy.

Explore the venues in South Charlotte:

South Park, Myers Park, and Dilworth


Plaza Midwood


Other places around Charlotte, including South Charlotte

It's also becoming easier all the time to get around the entirety of Charlotte with exciting plans for bikeability and walkability throughout the city. So, the ease with which you can also enjoy the rest of the Charlotte music scene will also increase.

Written by Missy Banks of and Allen Tate Realtors.  Missy is a full time real estate professional and a top relator with Allen Tate and the Charlotte area. is a user friendly real estate search tool with update MLS listings. 

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