So many downsizing options

Wondering what your downsizing options are? To help you get started, we'll give you a list to consider for each of the reasons you may want to downsize.

So Many Downsizing Options:

Empty Nesters
Seniors and baby boomers looking to make the most of this time without children at home, might enjoy:

- 1.5 or master down homes, removing a whole floor to maintain and pay for
- open floor plan homes
- community homes in locations and/or with amenities that would improve their lives
- homes with luxurious details like a spa, gym, or outdoor kitchen area for entertaining
- high end finishes and appliances

Budget Considerations
If you're downsizing to save money or tweak your budget, there are many options to choose from:

- smaller, master down, or 1.5 homes
- contains only rooms you really want to use, such as homes with no formal areas
- homes in neighborhoods and towns or cities that are not as pricey and have a lower overall cost of living
- newer homes that will require less maintenance

Low Maintenance Homes to Reduce Cost or Stress
- A smaller home, a condo, or a newer home will naturally require less maintenance. So, you could look for either while considering downsizing.

- You'll always want to consider the lawn size and landscape when thinking of maintenance.

- Also be aware that the newest homes could have drastically lower maintenance materials in them than those built just a few years ago.

- If you want the lowest maintenance home possible, speak to your realtor for help navigating both all the low maintenance options available while considering your spending budget.

Environmental Impact
To downsize for environmental concerns, consider:

- a smaller home that will take up less land space and use fewer resources
- homes built with environmentally-conscious materials and design
 -shorter travel times to places you'll frequent
 -a home in an area with a high walkability or biking score
 -a home in a city or town with many environmentally-conscious shopping options
 -appliances and plumbing that are environmentally-friendly
 -land for gardening

No matter your reason for downsizing your home, speak to your realtor for advice regarding your downsizing options. It can be a bit tricky to learn all the options that are available to you and figure out how to get them while sticking to your budget. Without help, you may accidentally commit to a home that actually increases your costs, creates new headaches, or isn't as environmentally-friendly as you thought. A realtor will know both what to look for to achieve your goals and where to find it.        

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