The Psychology of Downsizing - Easing Downsizing Depression

Downsizing is a good thing, saving the homeowner money and stress, but it doesn't always feel good. The psychology of downsizing is complicated, and many people suffer downsizing depression. This post will go over some tips to try to make downsizing feel more like the positive change it is supposed to be.

The Psychology of Downsizing
Selling and buying a home is an emotional time for everyone, often combining positivity with stress or sadness. People get attached to their homes and the memories they made in them or they are just scared of making such a major change. Society also makes having the bigger, showier home such a priority that people can feel shame taking a step down, like they failed somehow.

But moving should be a positive thing, saving you money to improve your finances or maybe even giving you more opportunities in life. You could afford necessaries you can't afford now, live in a home you can better maintain, update the new home with luxurious features, or go on vacations.

Easing Downsizing Depression
Write down the positive ways downsizing will change your life, the things you will be able to afford, the worries that will be taken off of you, fun things you can have and do, and improved physical and mental health you can gain from all of the above. Focus on those things.

Make the positive ends seem as real and near as possible by creating a visual guide of the savings you'll have gained, planning what hobby you can pursue instead of doing lawn work, looking into places you would like to vacation, considering luxuries to add, or researching groups and events you can attend in the new city or town you will move to.

If your children or your spouse pressure you into keeping your current home, explain your side, try to compromise where possible, then weigh out the need to change and consider if they are supporting you as they should. Everyone deserves wellness.

Ease the transition and provide proof to yourself and others that memories can be preserved in many ways. Sort through the clutter in your home to get rid of junk and save the treasures. Then treat the treasures as such, you might store or display them with care and give your children the keepsakes they want.

If you are more stressed than depressed, get help or do the work a little at a time. You need to plan ahead for the move anyway. Extend your time table as long as you need to make the work more manageable.

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