The Southern Magnet: Why so many former New Yorker's live in the Carolina's

The Southern Magnet: Why Former New York Residents are Flocking to Charlotte, North Carolina

Did you know that more transplants to North Carolina were born in New York than any other state.  That’s according to Axio’s Charlotte reporting (from UNC Chapel Hill’s Carolina Demography).  I newver knew but people who live in the Triangle area say that Cary, NC stands for….  “C”ontainment “A”rea for “R”elocated “Y”ankees.  Really? Let's be polite people!    Get this, 87,749 New York born people now reside in Mecklenburg County!  That’s roughly 1 out of every 12 people who live in Mecklenburg County, NC were born in New York!

In recent years, a growing number of former New York state residents have been making the move south and finding a new home in cities like Charlotte, North Carolina. This migration trend has caught the attention of many, and the reasons behind this mass relocation are diverse and compelling. According to a recent article in Axios Charlotte, the allure of the Queen City has become increasingly irresistible for those seeking a change of scenery, lower costs of living, and a thriving job market.

Economic Opportunities

One of the primary factors driving the migration from New York to Charlotte is the abundant economic opportunities available in the region. Charlotte is the second largest financial hub in the US for banking and financial institutions. Over the years, the employment opportunities and economic growth has led to a surge in job opportunities, particularly in finance, technology, and healthcare sectors. Former New Yorkers, attracted by the prospect of a robust job market, have been drawn to Charlotte for career advancement and new professional challenges.

Affordable Cost of Living

Compared to the skyrocketing costs of living in New York and other parts of the US, Charlotte offers a more affordable lifestyle without compromising on quality. Housing costs, in particular, are significantly lower, making homeownership more accessible. According to Axios Charlotte, the median home price in Charlotte is substantially lower than in many parts of New York state. This affordability factor has enticed many former residents to sell their New York homes and invest in the booming Charlotte real estate market.

Quality of Life

Charlotte's appeal extends beyond economic factors, encompassing a high quality of life that many find attractive. The city boasts a diverse cultural scene, excellent schools, and a wide range of outdoor recreational opportunities. The combination of a thriving urban environment and the natural beauty of the surrounding areas provides a balanced lifestyle that appeals to those seeking a change from the fast-paced, often chaotic pace of New York.

Climate and Geography

The pleasant climate and varied geography of North Carolina serve as additional magnets for former New Yorkers. The milder winters and warmer temperatures throughout the year provide a welcome respite from the harsh, unpredictable weather in the Northeast. Charlotte's proximity to both mountains and beaches also offers residents the chance to explore diverse landscapes and outdoor activities within a few hours’ drive.


If you are considering a move from New York (or really anywhere) to Charlotte, understanding the reasons behind this trend is crucial. Charlotte's economic opportunities, affordability, quality of life, and favorable climate make it an ideal destination for those seeking a change.

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The increasing number of former New York state residents making Charlotte their new home is a testament to the city's attractiveness. Whether it's the thriving job market, affordable living, quality of life, or the appealing climate, Charlotte has become a magnet for those seeking a fresh start. If you're considering joining this migration trend, now is the time to explore the opportunities and make the Queen City your next home.

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