You Can Expect Pet Friendly Homes - Fluffy Matters Too

If you are a pet owner considering a move, you have probably already run into issues like whether pets are allowed, is the yard fenced, is there enough room, and how close is the home to pet parks. You may not know that sellers are becoming more aware all the time of these considerations and that there is a trend toward "pet friendly homes." It is perfectly understandable that you want the best for your pet, and your real estate agent can help you find a home that suits your entire family.

What To Expect of Pet Friendly Homes
Features of pet friendly homes
When buying a house with pets, you may need or want any of the following.

A fully fenced in backyard has been an important consideration for pet owners for a long time, giving your pet space to play outdoors without getting loose or being in danger.

Traffic also has always been a major consideration. The closer your home is to a busy street, the more easily your pet could end up in said street.

Some of today's new home builders install built-in pet features like mud showers, spaces for pet dishes, or retractable pet gates to combine pet-friendliness and style. If your home doesn't already have any of these features, ask or consider how hard it may be to have them installed.

It isn't only about the home itself. Location is also important. Is there a good place to walk your dog? Are there dog parks, pet friendly beaches, and pet daycares nearby? And what about vets, groomers, and pet stores? A home closer to these places will be more valuable to you than one that is not.

How large is the home, and how spacious are the rooms? Dogs need lots of room to move around in the home, larger ones most of all.

Is there a mud room or similarly dirt-ready room for letting muddy dogs in before going all over your house? How about a place to house a large bunny habitat or a room to designate as the rabbit, ferret, or reptile's very own? Small animal and exotic pet rooms will need to be moderately large, heated and cooled, but not have such fine flooring in them that you mind the pet potentially messing it up.

Housing laws and neighborhood laws and restrictions can rule out a home for you. You may not even be allowed to have your pet in that neighborhood. Dogs, and certain breeds of dogs, as well as exotic pets or animals that were wild rescues are particularly prone to this issue.

Landscaping can be an issue. Flowers, shrubs, and trees growing in the yard could be poisonous to your pet.

Will the homeowner or anyone overseeing the neighborhood be putting out pesticides and herbicides that you don't want your pet to get into? it may be better to find a home in a neighborhood without such influence or a homeowner who expects you to maintain pest control and landscaping yourself.

Many of today's buyers and sellers have furry friends who are like members of the family.  Making sure they are comfortable in the new house is important!   If you need additional assistance with your move, contact Missy Banks with Allen Tate.

Written by Missy Banks of and Allen Tate Realtors.  Missy is a full time real estate professional and a top relator with Allen Tate and the Charlotte area. is a user friendly real estate search tool with update MLS listings. 

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