Relocating Your Life?    Rearranging Your World?    We can help!

How many times in our lives do we have the opportunity to start over?   To reinvent ourselves, to start fresh, to start anew... 

Not many! You can start anew in the new city of CHARLOTTE.... Check out the video below.   As you consider all of the decisions that went into “why” you are relocating to  Charlotte NC at this exact point in your life, don’t forget to take a moment and realize the gift that is being given to you.

Turning points are rare in life and are typically an indication of very exciting things to come.  Don’t let the details of your physical move bog you down! 

Find a person, or team of great people, that can make your relocation process a smooth and enjoyable experience, leaving you with the time you need to plan for all of the other important aspects surrounding your family and your new life.

Our team at is the team to help you do just that… our experience in helping people relocate to Charlotte is unprecedented and our knowledge of this area and this real estate market is legendary.  

Our stack of client referrals given to us every month says it all.  We want you to experience our great service first-hand, so that you will want to send us referrals as well!    I very much look forward to working with you!      Contact Charlotte's Favorite Realtor David Huss at 704-703-9925 today.


If you are relocating to Charlotte, NC, you are in good company.  Forbes magazine ranked Charlotte among the top 10 fastest growing metro areas in the country and the population is expected to grow 47 per cent between 2010-2030.  Why Charlotte?  The Charlotte Chamber of Commerce lists some of Charlotte's appeal: 

 - With a population of over 2 million in the metropolitan area, Charlotte offers the many amenities of a major urban area

 - Location, location, location -- Charlotte residents can get to the NC mountains within 2 hours and an Atlantic coast beach within 3.5 hours  

 - Charlotte's housing costs are 83.5% of the national average 

 - Charlotte has the 17th lowest residential property tax rates compared to the largest city in each state

 - Charlotte Douglas International offers daily service to major international cities  

 - Respected Healthcare providers with cutting edge facilities and care

 - Charlotte Mecklenburg School System (CMS) ranks as a top urban school system nationwide

 - A healthy robust and diverse economy

 - A thriving arts culture as well as pro sports and outdoor activities

 - And of course Carolina weather -- 4 distinct seasons

If you haven't visited yet, come down and see what the buzz is about!