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Are you considering relocating to Charlotte? You are not alone! And you have come to the right place. I offer more than assist in buying a Charlotte home. I help you relocate to Charlotte. There is a difference!

I am here to make your entire move as stress free as possible…from recommending hotels on your first visit to making sure your utilities are on when you move to Charlotte. And over the past 26 years I have helped hundreds of people with their Charlotte relocation.

As a Charlotte relocation specialist & long time resident, I can serve you well. As a Buyers Agent, I will be your advocate.  I'll also be your devils advocate to make sure you aren't doing something that you might regret later.  I want to be able to come back one day to help you sell your property and compliment you on making a good purchase and a now a home that will be easy to sell.   

Feel free to use my website as you plan your Charlotte relocation. But, if you want to hasten your search for that special Charlotte home, let’s talk! 

I am always available for you – now and after you relocate to Charlotte – at 704-634-9682 or [email protected]

Let’s Start Moving to Charlotte!!